Friendship and partnership is essential in the great commission. We value our friendships across the globe and are committed to seeing many more new testament churches planted.

Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone Church, in Johannesburg South Africa, began in March 1983 when two Baptist communities came together to form one church, led by Leon and Pat van Daele who now serve in Australasia. Jim and Margaret Lamont led after them, before moving to serve in the Americas in 2001. Marcus and Adele Herbert took over the leadership of the church at that time and are currently still the ‘lead / visionary elders’ along with the eldership team. Cornerstone is an amazing church and has been diligently proactive in planting many churches and proclaiming the gospel all over the world. We have been a part of Cornerstone for most of our lives and now we have the privilege of being sent by them to plant OakCity Church.

New Covenant Ministries International

In a larger context, we partner with New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI), a trans-local ministry team with an apostolic heart that is comprised of men and women who, through partnerships based on friendship, help pastors / elders build their local churches in doing the work of Jesus Christ’s Kingdom in their areas and also provide opportunities for churches to bring the Gospel to regions beyond their own borders.